Our History

Typhoon is Introduced to New Zealand on 2021, with a mission to satisfy and help the smokers to quit the old school smoking with the best flavors with great nicotine hit yet on a beautifully affordable price than what is available in New Zealand. Typhoon products are designed and tasted in New Zealand working together closely with vape enthusiasts to bring the best on the products we come out with. Our team is working very hard with a mission to deliver innovative, High-quality and satisfying smoke-replacement solution to adult smokers in New Zealand, and to empower people to change their lives for good.

Typhoon Believed that vapers in New Zealand were paying ridiculous amount of price for the similar quality of vaping products which typhoon could deliver in almost half the price without compromising on quality but in fact delivering the taste what vapers in New Zealand were looking forward. Typhoon recognized the need to provide a range of high-quality products that meet the needs of every customer with affordability and quality as our top priority.

Typhon Offers large selection of flavors tested by our team to ensure that Typhoon does it right before it hits the retail store around New Zealand. Typhoon always ensures that our customers receive the freshest batch of our products, so that you can steep and vape to your liking.

Since the launch, Typhoon have gone from strength to strength, in very short period Typhoon has come a long way. As our focus has been on building trust, improve the quality and give our customers best possible experience.

Typhoon was founded on the principle of helping and connecting the vaping community. We believe in the success, connections, and community of our clients, vendors, and partners. With the strong values that are embedded into our company, our goal is to become the largest closed pod vaping company on New Zealand.

1.) We Are What you are

We as a Typhoon company are built with vapers who would like to have an easy go vape with handy design with great range of flavours we can choose from without much of a complication on an affordable price. Our team is working day in day out collecting ideas from vapers in New Zealand to improve on batch to batch so we can deliver the plain and simple flavours preferred by mass.

2.) Typhoon to quit Smoking

As a team of ex-smokers, we know how hard it is to quit smoking. But what we also know is its doable. Regardless of age and the years you have been smoking, listening to the stories of people quitting smoking on our day-to-day basis we can proudly say that Typhoon is a really a great tool to help you quit it. Typhoon is one of the best vapes in New Zealand to start with as Typhoon offers great variety of Tobacco and Menthol flavors according to your need. No excuses its worth Trying.

3.) Typhoon For all

Typhoon is here in New Zealand market to all the vape enthusiasts to down south to up north, and we as a vape company have teamed up to ensure the reach. Our customer support, sales team and aftersales experts are here to make your purchase and after sales service as smooth as possible regardless of individual as well as business purchase. Typhoon has already made available in many cities around New Zealand, our goal is to make Typhoon available on all the vape specialist around New Zealand as well as most of the general store within 2022 for what they are allowed to sell. Please visit our store locator to find your nearest Typhoon retailer.

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